PaddleFit PRO


Advance Your Skills and Knowledge

The definition of pro: an expert that exemplifies great skill at his/her work and serves as a teacher, competitor or consultant. That definition establishes what type of individual that we are aiming to facilitate the development of through PaddleFit Pro. PaddleFit Pro is a comprehensive two day course that is going to challenge you both physically and mentally. Our goal is to have you understand and exhibit the attributes of a professional PaddleFit coach such as advanced technique, progressive training knowledge and advanced water skills. Taking what you learned in PaddleFit Core we are going to expand upon these topics and break them down to the expert level. PaddleFit Pro is a full emersion into the PaddleFit system. 

PaddleFit PRO 2 day course summary: 

  • Advanced fitness and training concepts
  • Advanced technique teaching progression
  • Both days will be a mixture of interactive presentations as well as skill assessments and practical teaching sessions
  • Advanced physical testing and technique assessments

PRO Topics:

  • Intermediate to advanced SUP coaching concepts
  • Intermediate to advanced SUP fitness and training concepts
  • SUP skills assessment
  • Fitness assessment
  • Fitness and training program development
  • Interactive classroom presentations
  • Skill practical exam

Cost: $499 USD 


  • PaddleFit Core Coach
  • Up to Date with PaddleFit Core certification
  • Living a paddling lifestyle