Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you get rid of the classroom lecture day of Core and switch over to an online learning module?

One of our overall goals for PaddleFit is to make sure that we are progressing into the future and providing the very best opportunities for our coaches and clients. After teaching dozens and dozens of Core courses all over the world we noticed that our incoming coaches were struggling to learn all of the information during the 1 day classroom lecture. There is just too much information to cover everything in one day of lecture. So we developed a study-at-your-own pace online learning module. This will allow our incoming coaches to spend as much time as they need at their own pace to learn all of the information presented in our manual. We believe that our coaches will learn faster and have a better grasp of the materials so that they can thrive during the on-water practical. 

Where do you host the certification classes?

PaddleFit places a high priority on the quality of our certification experience. We have specific regional locations that provide the necessary infrastructure to facilitate a great experience. We understand that a majority of our coaches will need to travel to the certification location so we place a high priority on accessibility to airports and accommodations to make your travel as convenient as possible.

I filled out the form but I didn't pay, I am still signed up for the course right?

No, you will need to make the payment during the signup process. If you did not make the payment during the signup process, your spot will not be secure.  The reason that we do this is that most classes sell out and we want to make sure that every spot is available and filled.  Asking for payment during the signup process allows you to secure your spot in advance so that you can enjoy the experience.

How much SUP experience should I have before taking the certification courses?

One thing that we have learned is that time is not an indicator of SUP skills so we do not have a prerequisite amount of time that you need to have paddled. For example: we have had students take the course who have been paddling for several years that had a very low skill level and had developed bad habits and we have also had people who have paddled less than 6 months have a very high skill level. Our approach is a set standard and fundamental requirements that everyone must pass regardless of amount of time paddling. We have both written and practical skill tests that need to be passed in order to fulfill the requirements to become a PaddleFit certified coach. We believe that this is the most objective way to test and we don't necessarily care how long you have been paddling as long as you pass all of the tests and fulfill all of the requirements.

Do you provide equipment for the certification classes?

We highly encourage you to bring your own equipment. We understand that you might be traveling to come to the class so we have partners at each location that you can rent equipment. It will be up to you to contact our partner to secure and pay for your rental equipment in advance on the course. Also a great idea to bring your own PFD to the course. You will be required to use one during the course. 

If I bring a few people, do you offer discounts?

The short answer is no. Our fees are based on the proprietary information that you will learn as well as the limited number of participants allowed in each course. Our goal is to provide you the best educational experience possible by having the best coaches teach the certification. We believe that you will make your money back several fold from the knowledge gained and the experience of the class as well as the added value and opportunities that you can access throughout your PaddleFit coaching career.

What do I wear for the class?

The conditions will vary from course to course. We recommend that you wear what you would normally wear when you paddle. We also recommend that you prepare for water conditions that may be colder or hotter than what you are used to. So in some courses that take place in cold water we recommend that you bring a wetsuit as you will be getting in the water during the course.

Is lunch provided for the class?

PaddleFit does not provide lunch. We will break for an hour each day for lunch and all classes have restaurants nearby or you are also welcome to bring your own food.

How do we know if the class is sold out or not?

Our sign up process is automated online.  When we reach maximum capacity in our classes the "Sign Up" button will switch over to "Sold Out" and you can no longer click on it.  Our classes typically sell out about a month in advance so if you know what class you want to attend make sure you sign up as soon as you can.

Do you offer private certifications?

Yes we do provide private certifications.  Please contact us at to ask for details.

Do you have recommendations for accommodations?

Each location will have a recommended hotel that will be close to where the course is being held. All accommodations must be reserved and paid for by you the coach.

What is PaddleFit's cancellation policy?

PaddleFit has the highest commitment to quality courses with small instructor to student ratios, we book our instructors in advance and are unable to issue refunds for cancellations on the course. However, we can reschedule your course date with administration fees as follows:

  • More than 14 days notice: you can move to another course location and/or date with only a $75 administration fee.
  • Less than 14 days notice: you can move to another course location and/or date with an administration fee of 25% of the total course cost.
  • 7 days notice: you can move to another course location and/or date with an administration fee of 50% of the total course cost.
  • Less then 7 days notice or no notice; you forfeit your entire course fee.

PaddleFit Certification Cancellations: PaddleFit will do everything possible to avoid having to cancel or postpone our courses. There are a few times when this will be unavoidable.

Weather postponements: If a course date needs to be cancelled or postponed due to poor weather then we will reschedule the course at a later date.

Insufficient attendance: PaddleFit reserves the right to cancel and reschedule any course date if there are less than 4 students registered.