PaddleFit Experience

Introducing the PaddleFit Experience. A 3 hour fun learning environment centered around stand up paddling. We will use the 3 hours to create a custom program specifically for you in a small group environment.

Jumpstart your SUP fitness with our 3 hour PaddleFit Experience. Our goal is to partner with you on your SUP and fitness journey to help positively impact your fitness and wellness. The PaddleFit Experience is a comprehensive program that will both change your fitness and paddling in 3 hours as well as give you the tools to continue to progress afterwards.

Our goal is always to hide fitness behind fun. It’s awesome when you can smile at the same time progress towards your goals.
— Brody Welte, PaddleFit founder

The PaddleFit Experience includes:

  1. Full paddling and physical assessment and screening

  2. Video analysis of your paddle technique 

  3. Paddle corrective exercises both on land and on the water

  4. Skills and drills for paddling

  5. Training session based off individual assessment 

  6. One month training calendar setup

  7. Question and answer session

The PaddleFit Experience is for all levels and abilities.

Date: Sunday August 4th, 2019

Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Location: Upstate Paddleboard - MAP

Cost: $199

The PaddleFit Experience was created by PaddleFit founder Brody Welte. Brody has married his 20+ years as a human performance coach with his 10+ years as an elite SUP coach to create the ultimate SUP experience. One of Brody’s motivations is to bring elite level coaching to anyone and everyone. Everyone should have access to great coaching regardless of their skill level or ability.