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SUPtheworkout is an indoor training program done on the SUP Ergometer. The workout combines different paddling techniques and their applications on many of the different conditions that we may encounter when we paddle on the water. The stability of the board and the resistance on the paddle are adjustable. The console display allows us to measure the performance of the participant. We use Heart Rate training and interval training methods. It is a total body cardiovascular workout with strength elements and emphasis on core development. The intensity may vary according to the level of the class. SUPtheworkout is another new way to fitness and it is great for the regular gym goer who is looking for a new way to sweat, break the monotony of the treadmill or elliptical or even a Spinning class, the recreational athlete looking for a way to cross train, the SUP enthusiast who is looking to improve stamina and technique and for anyone who wants to start stand up paddling but wants to eliminate that initial fear factor of the water. Join us for a fun and effective 45 minutes and get in the best shape of your life!

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