Class Locations


Westport has everything you need for Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddling -- Rentals, Sales, Storage, Marina, and Surf Shop

Located right on the scenic Saugatuck River.  Enjoy more than 3 miles of navigable flat water that leads out to Long Island Sound. Explore the local Norwalk Islands, an archipelago of 25 treasure spots, including the Stewart McKinley Wildlife Reserve and the historical Sheffield Island Lighthouse. Upriver, at just the right tide, you can paddle under the Route 1 bridge at Westport center as far as the dam and visit the fish ladder!


If you haven’t visited Downunder’s Rowayton location, you are in for a treat -- it’s a little piece of heaven tucked away under the Rowayton Market -- a well-kept secret.  The minute you enter the store you feel like you’re on vacation somewhere far far away: you’re in an open air cabana with sitting areas, surf shop vibe, gorgeous clothing and accessories for your adventure or to remember it by.  Located right on the picturesque Five Mile River, you have a mile of flat-water paddling, little creeks to explore, beautiful homes to admire, and an abundance of wildlife.  Long Island Sound is just a few minutes away, with the Darien Fish Islands, and the Norwalk Islands (up to 12 of which you can get off on; there’s even a wildlife sanctuary and historical lighthouse!)  Most of these are in open water, and reached by our guided tours.  Anyone can paddle to the Fish islands, which are just along the shore, and a great two-hour excursion. There are many bays and coves to paddle to and lots of history to learn about in our guided tours.

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