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Horizon Stand Up Paddle

At Horizon Stand Up Paddle, we believe this means we don’t need more things to live more.  We need more life, itself.  

We are a nature-loving fitness community whose goal is to share life-giving experiences with you.  Whether that means standing on the water for your very first time, sweating your way through a PaddleFit Complete class, breathing deeply in our PaddleFlo Yoga, or joining us for an adventure or ecotour paddle vacation, we hope you will leave more alive.  

We pride ourselves in progressive SUP technique, nationally acclaimed programing (PaddleFit) and functional strength training, but we dare not take all the credit.  Nature’s gym creates more drive and hope than we ever could: no glaring mirrors to steal your gaze, only a grand horizon ahead.  It makes us feel small.  We like that, as our name tells.  

When we look at the horizon, it gives us a sense of curiosity and makes us hungry for life!  This is what wakes us up in the morning: ready to live, ready to paddle!  Lets do it together!  Come stand up and paddle the horizon with us!

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