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“Our number one guiding principle is to teach people how to paddle correctly. When we accomplish that we will limit the number of injuries and lay the foundation for our clients to carve out their SUP and fitness path.” -Brody Welte

After a life changing job on the island of Kaua’i, Brody Welte combined his love for the outdoors, fitness and Stand Up Paddleboarding and created Stand Up Fitness. Stand Up Fitness was a retail, lesson and fitness business serving the Tampa Bay area. Stand Up Fitness achieved a lot of success, but Brody realized that his calling was introducing people to SUP and getting them on a fun and healthy path. Paddling alone is a killer workout, but what Brody found is when you combine paddling, progressive technique, on-land exercises and a healthy dose of consistency, the results were amazing (and his clients were having a blast). From this process PaddleFit was born. PaddleFit will be rolling out certified Affiliates throughout the US and will continue to develop programming that will push you to achieve your desired goals. All while maintaining a level of fun that makes PaddleFit a part of your lifestyle and not just something you do a few days a week. 

In The News

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Washington Post

The sport (called SUP for short) was invented in Hawaii by surfers looking for a way to keep up their training on days with disappointing waves. Over the past decade, it’s won over a much wider following as word has spread that a wide, stable board and a paddle make it possible to traverse long distances while getting one heck of a core workout. More →

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Athletes Performance Mentorship
Phoenix, AZ

March 17th - 21st, 2014

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Level 1&2
Certification Classes

March 22nd-23rd, 2014

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Level 3
Certification Classes

May 3rd and 4th, 2014

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Team PaddleFit




Brody is a full-time paddle coach and creator of PaddleFit. He loves introducing new people to the sport of stand up paddling, launching new stars with PaddleFit and pushing athletes to the next level. Brody learned SUP on the island of Kaua'i when he was living there in 2007. After a lifetime of being an adventurer Brody has focused all of his energy on PaddleFit. Brody also partners with Dave Kalama on the SUP adventure trips know as Kalama Kamps.



Certification Coach
Sports Performance Specialist
Jupiter, FL

John has been on the forefront of many emerging sports including kiteboarding, tow surfing and now SUP. He spent many years on the island of Maui living the waterman lifestyle and leading the charge with some of the "giants" of the watersports industry. John relocated to Florida in 2007 and is one of the founding fathers of SUP on the east coast. John has a masters from Pepperdine in sports psychology and has a sports performance practice in Florida. He is also a PaddleFit Level 3 coach. http://www.john-denney.com



Global Elite Athlete
Dana Point, CA

"The Brown Blurr" is the jack of all trades when it comes to watersports. He is part owner of Infinity Surfboard Co. which his dad founded in the early 70's. Dave was a longboard surfing stud in the mid 1990′s to the early 2000′s winning several pro events on his own board that he designed and shaped. He is an accomplished SUP racer and surfer and is one of the icons in the SUP culture.



West Coast Elite Athlete
and Level 3 Coach
San Diego, CA

Originally from Guam, Sean has been involved in paddling sports since his high school years competing in outrigger, flat-water canoeing and kayaking, white water slalom, dragon boat, and SUP. His ultimate athletic achievement has been competing at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games for canoeing. He currently is one of the top SUP racers in Southern California and his personal goal with Paddlefit is to become one of the leaders and innovators in the SUP fitness industry.



East Coast Elite Athlete
and Level 3 Coach
Neptune Beach, FL

Andy is from the east coast of Florida and has been a waterman most his life. He has always had two things that he is extremely passionate about in his life: fitness and surfing, and he believes that SUP is a beautiful combination of them both. Andy is one of the top racers on the east coast and can be seen frequently on the podium of races in and around Florida. When he is not racing his focus turns to helping others become fit and healthy as a SUP and fitness coach.



Level 3 Coach
HQ in San Diego, CA

Kevin is a PaddleFit Level 3 coach and works at PaddleFit headquarters in San Diego. He has spent his entire life on the water either surfing, swimming or paddling in the ocean. Kevin passion for SUP is second only to his family. He has been paddling for 7 years and has a vision of opening up an Affiliate in Mexico where he currently offers adventure SUP trips.



Certification Coach
Toronto, ON, Canada

Brent is a full-time fitness coach and the leader in bringing PaddleFit to Canada. He loves introducing new people to the sport of stand up paddling through his PaddleFit Barrie location as well as helping launch new businesses throughout Canada and the Central & Eastern US teaching PaddleFit certifications. Brent is PaddleFit Level 3 as well as an Affiliate owner.